KPB LICENSE Plate Camera Package



  1. Reconyx Hyperfire SM750, a high quality, motion-activated security/game camera which provides:
    1. Photo documentation of license plates at speeds up to 50 MPH.
    2. True infrared technology that allows the cameras to remain undetected, no flash.
    3. Enhanced support to the KPB STANDARD 3-Camera Surveillance Package.
  2. All components needed to mount, secure and position the camera including full-swivel mount custom-built for KPB.
  3. Technical assistance provided with this and all KPB camera packages includes:
    1. Full assembly including complete programming and testing of the camera.
    2. Remote aid in site selection, camera placement and maintenance.
    3. Advice and support on partnering with various enforcement agencies and working with your Magisterial District Justice to increase successful prosecutions, includes KPB's Guidelines for Littering and Illegal Dumping Enforcement.

For more information and pricing contact Rob Dubas at 724.836.4121 x107.

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